Bring-Your-Own-Technology Program

The American International School Chennai is delighted to welcome you to its Bring-Your- Own-Technology (BYOT) program. We have strategically chosen the word “technology” instead of “device” as we hope that students will continue to add to their technology toolkit for learning as they grow with the program.

At a minimum, all students in grades 3-12 will need one primary device that provides access to all of our core software services and provides a level of productivity appropriate for the section level. This book will help families choose that device and configure it for learning at AISC.

Why Bring-Your-Own-Technology?

Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT) is a model of technology access where home and school collaborate to extend students’ existing use of digital devices into school as learning tools. BYOT affords stakeholders

  • Greater personalisation of teaching and learning to maximize the potential of each child.
  • Blurring the home-school divide with use of technologies for learning both inside and outside the school.
  • Respect, trust, and responsibility associated with personal ownership.
  • Innovation through the use of multiple technologies with students and teachers choosing and using their preferred technologies.
  • Use of market forces – and not IT experts – to keep personal technologies current.
Servicing Student and Teacher BYOT Devices

All students and teachers may utilize the services of our third-party technician from Tekflair to service their devices. Service under warranty, or minor service that does not require the purchase of replacement parts is provided free of charge. For all student-owned BYOT devices that are non-functional, require servicing or replacement, or that lack the option of switching the operating system language to English:

  • AISC will loan a device through our checkout system during the school day for up to 5 school days. Checkout devices cannot be brought home.
  • After 5 school days Tekflair will rent a laptop on a weekly basis for RS. 1500/week.
  • Students may choose to rent a device at any time if necessary.
Student BYOT Devices Purchase Guide

The following purchase guides will help you to buy your own device.

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