Discovery Program

Discover India

Each year the High School suspends classes for one week to engage in experiential education throughout India. Groups of 10 - 12 mixed grade level students join two faculty chaperones and take local transport, interact with the community and explore the magic of India. Courses range from adventure activities, like rock climbing and rafting; to creative pursuits, such as ceramics and photography; to service activities, like working with local students; to more academic pursuits, like investigating the impact of the environment on the flora and fauna. Those traveling together on a trip form a “Discovery Crew” and meet throughout the year. Students say that Discover India is one of the most memorable experiences in of high school!

Please see a short video where some of our students talk about their experiences travelling towards Southern Tamilnadu to wind surf, standup paddle board and kayak.
Discovery Days

One day each semester, regular classes are suspended to allow students to pursue focussed interests not directly tied to discipline-specific classroom study. Students and faculty alike pitch activity ideas and lead small groups of students through the experience. Past Discovery Day activities have included, volunteer work at a local animal shelter, teaching basic robotics at a local school, practicing silent mindfulness and learning to surf.

Discovery Groups

Participants of Discover India trips form a “Discovery Crew” for the academic year and meet twice a month during assembly time. In the beginning of the year the group concentrates on getting to know each other and planning for their Discover India trip. After the trip, students review the Vision for an AISC Learner and turn their attention to reflection and setting informal goals to improve a chosen attribute of the Vision.

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