Parent Community Association

The purpose of the Parent Community Association (PCA) is to nurture, support, and celebrate the AISC community and mission.

The goals of the PCA are to:

  • Support the school’s mission, core values and vision for an AISC learner.

  • Promote community, connectedness, and core values among all AISC parents.

  • Develop educational and cross cultural community buildinging opportunities in order to get to know one another and break down language and cultural barriers.

  • Seek to increase engagement of a wide cross section of parent body.

  • Sponsor mission relevant activities and events that are consistent with the PCA’s purpose and goals.

All parents and guardians of AISC students are automatically members of the PCA. There are no membership dues or fees.

Each year the community elects the PCA Executive Committee through an online ballot at the beginning of May.

The PCA is not a fundraising arm of the school.

Parents can become involved in the PCA in various ways:
  • Attend the monthly PCA meetings to learn about what is happening and enjoy an activity together.

  • Contribute as an AISC PCA Volunteer in the Communications Office. (We are currently looking for parent photographers.)

  • Engage on a Planning Committee: See PCA events and relate activities below.

  • Volunteer as a Country Coordinator, Grade Level Coordinator, Elementary School Classroom Coordinator.

Country Coordinators

Country Coordinators help take the lead w/ planning and creating the Country Pavilions at International Day, organize other country specific activities and donations (eg, Baskets of Gala), and welcome new families into our school. The coordinator also acts as a liaison between the school and families from their country.

Grade Level Coordinators

Grade Level Coordinators facilitate communication between school, PCA and parents. Grade Level Coordinators will meet with their respective Principals.

Classroom Coordinators

ES Classroom Coordinators facilitate communication between PCA, teachers and parents, and they help organize classroom needs. One ES Classroom Coordinator per grade level will be the ES Grade Level Coordinator and will meet with the Elementary School Principal.

PCA Events:
Social Outings

The Social Outings (throughout the school year) These take place during the day, with past examples being a SPEEDTrust tour around Chennai, coffee tasting and talk at the Brew Room, and saree shopping in preparation for the Diwali Mela.

International Day

The Advancement office, in collaboration with the PCA, host International Day on a Saturday in September which includes country pavilions, a picnic, and many activities. The PCA is responsible for the country pavilions which help showcase to our community unique and special elements of each country with students, parents, faculty and staff. This is a great opportunity for new parents to meet others from their home countries, to mingle with other community members, and enjoy numerous activities offered.

Diwali Mela

Diwali (Festival of Light) is a very important festival in the Hindu calendar. This is an important celebration held over five days, with fireworks, special foods, and gifts. The Diwali Mela is held on Saturday, at school with performances, food, dressing up, and activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about and celebrate one of the most fun, loudest, and important celebrations in the Indian calendar. Come and dress up, you will have assistance on how to wrap that sari!

PCA Gala

The PCA Gala is typically held on Saturday evening in April. This event is a wonderful evening, with faculty and parents coming together for a party. There is an opportunity to dress up and participate in a silent auction for donated baskets, eat delicious food, and put on your dancing shoes.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation

Faculty and Staff Appreciation will be held on a Tuesday, in February, mid-day. This is the opportunity for our parent community to express their thanks to our entire staff and faculty for their commitment to our community. The PCA coordinates with our parents to provide lunch for the entire faculty. Our faculty enjoy every contribution. The PCA provide catered food for the locally engaged staff. All faculty and staff receive a gift as well.

Other PCA Volunteer Activities
Athletics & Activities

The PCA supports our faculty and student activities by assisting with parent communication, celebrating our students, providing alternative vendors, and providing snacks. This is an area of growth and we welcome all support. We look forward to hearing from you on


The PCA produces a magazine (or contributes articles to a school-wide publication) at the end of the school year which celebrates our community. It is wonderful to see how and read about much fun we have at AISC over the year! Any photos and articles are gratefully received. If you would like to help write, edit and design this publication, please email us at

Learn more about the PCA and current happenings by reading the weekly blog sent to parents every Friday evening.

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