AISC Language Philosophy

Students at AISC are able to flourish in a multicultural, multilingual environment. As the world becomes smaller, the English language is a useful tool to interpret the world around us. AISC uses English as its medium for academic instruction and assessment for all subjects outside of Spanish and French classes. Through the use of English at AISC, students gain knowledge, understanding, sensitivity, and appreciation of various cultures, values, and traditions.

AISC also celebrates the wealth of knowledge students bring based on their home culture and personal identities. To support the learning that happens at AISC, we have developed a language philosophy that highlights linguistic diversity at our school. As mentioned, we instruct and assess in English.

However, students are able to use all resources necessary to navigate their journey from instruction to assessment. In addition, our community of learners, teachers, and parents must practice language courtesy when interacting with multilingual groups. This philosophy is outlined in the graphic below.

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