Professional Learning

Embedded Professional Learning

With Embedded Professional Learning, international experts in education come to AISC in order to share knowledge and work directly with teachers, in their classroom, in small groups and with the whole faculty.

In 2017-2018, AISC is excited to welcome:

Paul Anderson, who works with science teachers and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Onsite Professional Learning Open to Others

With Onsite Professional Learning, international experts in education come to AISC in order to share knowledge and works directly with teachers. Other educators around the world are welcome to join us and learn at these opportunities.

Erma Anderson, leads a 2-year Math Specialist in International Schools certificate.

Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar, where participants learn how to build strong collaborative and caring work cultures, in which results-oriented faculties work together for continuous school improvement. Sign Ups are Closed.

Cognitive Coaching Training Part 2, Days 5-8, where participants learn the second half of the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Course, an approach to professional relationships that focuses on supporting the deep thinking of colleagues in the areas of planning, reflecting and problem-resolving. January 20-23, 2018. Sign Ups are Closed.

Individualized Professional Learning

AISC believes that the instructional programs offered by a school are directly influenced by the quality and appropriateness of the professional learning and development offered to the faculty. AISC also believes that these professional learning experiences must be directly related to the Mission, Core Values, Student Learning Objectives or other identified priorities of the school. Faculty are encouraged to create individual professional learning opportunities connect to and complementing school priorities.

Daniel W. Love, Director of Teaching and Learning at AISC (2016-present)

Lakshmi Saravanan - Presenter at Back to the Future 2017, New Zealand

Sarah Hassler - Presenter at AMIS Conference, Dubai

Geetha Venugopal - Presenter at Maker Faire, Bengaluru

J.S.Lakshmi - Presenter at Maker Faire, Bangaluru

Beth Rappe - Presenting at EARCOS / SENIA 2018 Spring Conference

Ongoing Digital Cohorts

iLabs: EPortfolio

Google Certification Cohorts:
We run a series of self study sessions in the CIC prior to exam time to leverage our collective knowledge to get trained up. It is not a training session but a support session.

PowerSchool Cohorts: This group consists of PowerSchool Administrators, Tech Integrators and the purpose is to help teachers and students with their PowerSchool problems

Common Sense Certification Cohorts
AISC educators who are committed to Digital Citizenship and Digital teaching. They work to get the Common Sense Educators Certification from

Digital Promise: Microcredentials Cohorts
Digital Promise has built an innovative system of micro-credentials to recognize educators for the skills they learn throughout their careers in order to craft powerful learning experiences for their students. This cohort will be supportive of each other in sharing the best practices they used to get the credentials.

Upcoming Professional Learning Events