Community Engagement

Over the course of three sessions in December of 2018 and January 2019 more than 300 parents, students, staff, teaching assistants and faculty came together to explore how we could nurture wellbeing more consistently – individually and collectively - and help others do the same across our school.

Our aim was to
  • Discover when, how, and why people grow and flourish in our school.
  • Dream of how we can build on these strengths to more consistently feel good and function well by nurturing our individual and collective wellbeing.
  • Design pathways that enable us to nurture wellbeing.
  • Realize our destiny by taking self-organized actions individually and collectively to make our shared hopes a reality.

The three sessions of the summit ignited an energy that uncovered the school’s strengths, demonstrated what we are capable of achieving, and the opportunities for us to nurture wellbeing together. It was also a lot of fun!

Some key ideas surfaced from our Summit work that deepened our understanding of wellbeing and will help guide our future learning. They may be seen as starting points for ongoing practice and dialogue. These key ideas are:

  • Wellbeing is possible.
  • Working together, we can grow/create in new ways.
  • Nurturing wellbeing together creates a positive energy and connection.
  • We share the responsibility for our community’s wellbeing.
  • We are what we talk about.

Twelve different opportunity areas were identified over the course of the three sessions from which a number of prototype designs were created. Moving forward we will be supporting our community members to build upon their prototype designs in our efforts to nurture the wellbeing of students

As we shared at the end of Summit #3, “Wellbeing is attained by little and little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself.” - Zeno of Citium. If we each choose to do just one small thing consistently that nurtures wellbeing, we can place it at the heart of what we do in our community.

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