For details about deferred Capital Fee payment plan for self-paying families applying to the Early Years program, as well as to receive information about the 2020-2021 school year Fee Schedule, please feel free to drop a mail at


All new applications to American International School Chennai must be accompanied by an Application Fee. Please contact our finance department at to make the application fee payment. Prior to making the payment, please ensure you have submitted your child's/children's online application

The application review process will start once the Application Fee has been settled. This fee is one-time and non-refundable.


We offer need-based fee remission to those families who meet our admissions requirements, are 100% self-funding and who show evidence of financial need. All students, from Early Years 3 through Grade 12, are eligible to apply for this remission and their application will be duly considered and reviewed. If you are interested in learning more about the need-based financial assistance program and if you qualify to apply for one, please contact the Finance Office directly at to find out more about the requirements, process and possible remission level. Please note that in order to inquire about the need-based financial assistance program, you must first complete the admissions process formalities and be, otherwise, granted admission at AISC.

Payment of School Fees

Payment of all fees is due in full by May 31, or within 10 days from the invoice date for later admissions. Please note that where the fees are not received by May, 31, students will not be guaranteed a place and may be placed on wait-list. All fees are payable in US Dollars in accordance with the instructions specified on the invoice.

For bank transfer payments please ensure the student’s name and ID number are referenced on your remittance to enable us to credit the student’s account accordingly. Kindly email your bank confirmation advice to All bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.

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