Virtual Learning

To continue our academic program in the event of an extended school closure, AISC has a robust plan to support distance learning for our students. In the event of a health-related, political, or non-infrastructure related emergency, we may engage Virtual Learning Days (VLDs) to continue effective education of students within 24 hours of an emergency and for up to 30 days.

When might we engage a Virtual Learning Day (VLD)?

Virtual Learning Days may be engaged anytime a closure has the potential to last for more than one day. We will make every attempt to provide 24 hours notice before running the VLD protocol.

Who does this affect?

All students at AISC will engage in learning exercises provided by their teachers through our normal online learning and communication channels.

What are the expectations for my child?

Each child will complete a series of learning exercises for the classes or subjects that they would normally have on the day of VLD. This schedule will be communicated through PowerSchool (MS & HS) or Edmodo (ES).

How will my child learn at home?

All classes will post specific instructions each day using PowerSchool or Edmodo. Learning activities will involve three key components:

  • Print or multimedia content
  • Online interaction with the teacher
  • Short non-graded assessment

What if my Internet fails during a VLD?

We strongly recommend that all parents have a primary and backup Internet option.

What if we have problems logging in to sites?

Teachers will provide a list of sites and logins for students where appropriate. The IT department will be available to help students with any technical issues.

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