Teaching at AISC

Each year new teachers join the AISC faculty bringing with them valuable ideas from their varied teaching experiences. This fosters the continued development of our school in order to meet the needs of our students. There are certain qualities we are looking for in recruiting our new faculty members and you are encouraged to review the information below to help you determine if AISC is the right school for you.

In order to achieve our mission and philosophy, we seek to recruit highly qualified teachers and administrators who can support the mission of AISC – to provide an outstanding international education which inspires students to reach their full potential and be successful and responsible global citizens.

AISC seeks to hire a diverse range of licensed teachers (preferably holding a Master's Degree) with at least three years of successful teaching experience in the field of application.

Successful AISC teachers demonstrate, among others, eight critical talents:


AISC teachers are achievers who have a fire burning inside of them, pushing them to do more each day. They gain energy from their accomplishments, working hard without feeling burn out. These accomplishments are the power supply that sets the pace and defines high levels of productivity to keep groups and teams moving.


AISC teachers value connectedness. They know things happen for a reason and feel part of a bigger picture. They know they are not isolated from one another and take responsibility for this, becoming bridge builders for other people and those from different cultures. Connected professionals are considerate, caring and accepting.


AISC teachers are strategic, able to see patterns and accurately evaluate potential obstacles. When facing challenges, AISC teachers consider multiple pathways and approaches and evaluate the potential obstacles of each. They then select the best possible path and are not afraid to move forward.


AISC teachers are sensitive and aware because they have empathy. People are drawn to empathetic educators because they are able to walk in their shoes. Endemic in empathy is understanding which entails sensing, feeling, listening, and voicing. They can see and express the world as others see it and feel it.


AISC teachers value individualization and are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. They observe each person’s style, motivation, thought process and relationship needs. They are keen observers of other people’s strengths and can draw out the best in each person. They also help to build productive teams.


AISC teachers are inquisitive and curious as they seek input. They identify areas of specialization and make time to read books and articles that stimulate them. They actively seek information to enhance understanding. They are systematic in their information storage and enjoy sharing it with others.


AISC teachers love to learn. The outcome is less important to them than the process of learning itself. Growing confidence of mastery entices learners to continue engaging in new experiences. This enables them to thrive in dynamic environments.


AISC teachers are developers. They see the potential in everyone and their goal is to help others experience success by challenging them to meet their potential. They search for signs of growth to celebrate along the way, and supporting this growth both energizes and inspires them.

The American International School Chennai is committed to providing a salary and benefits package competitive with leading Asian international schools. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Queries
1When are new teachers expected to start?
New teachers are expected to arrive in Chennai at the end of July.
2Does AISC recruit teachers without certification?
It is best to be certified in the field of teaching for which you are making application.
3Does AISC recruit families?
Our recruitment policy is to recruit candidates with the skills and qualifications that match the position requirements. We hire singles and teaching couples with or without children
4Does AISC recruit any particular nationality of teachers?
We are an American international school with teachers from various nationalities on staff.
5Is a visa required in order to travel to India?
Teachers of all nationalities need to apply for an Employment Visa before relocating to Chennai, India.
6Are our dependent children permitted to attend school at AISC?
Yes, up to two dependent children are permitted to attend school at no cost to the Overseas Hired employee. All dependents must meet the entrance requirements.
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