Teaching and Learning

Being Mission-Driven

Having a mission is one thing, achieving it is another. It is not enough for us to say we are mission-driven school; we must work to connect our teaching and learning practices and priorities with our mission, core values, and beliefs. The challenge is to take these words, “off our walls and into our halls.” Understanding our guiding statements is the first step toward integrating these ideas and beliefs into our curriculum planning and instructional practices.

AISC’s Approaches to Teaching and Learning

At AISC we believe that teachers are the ultimate designers of an all-in approach to learning. Every classroom should be a culture of thinking. Instruction is intentionally differentiated, personalized, inquiry-based, and constantly reflected upon. Great teachers are supported by administrators, curriculum coordinators, learning coaches, peer leaders, and each other. We believe clarity in expectations helps teachers improve the craftsmanship of their skills.

Standards-Based Learning System

AISC maximizes student learning through a coherent system of shared language, purpose, and understanding.

The Standards are:

  • Research and evidence-based
  • Clear, understandable, and consistent
  • Aligned with college and career expectations
  • Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills
  • Built upon the strengths and lessons of current United States standards
  • Informed by other top-performing countries in order to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society.

These standards include:

  • ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • CCSS Common Core Standards
  • NCAS National Core Art Standards
  • C3 College, Career, and Civic Life Framework
  • NGSS Next Generation Science Standards
  • California ELD (English Language Development) Standards
  • IB Diploma Standards
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