Professional Learning

Individualized Professional Learning

Research suggests that quality professional learning positively affects student growth. AISC nurtures adult learning by ensuring both common professional development in service of strategic initiatives and personalized learning opportunities in service of individual professional goals and development. Faculty members are encouraged to create individual professional learning plans connected to and complementing school and sectional priorities.

The school provides time for collective learning by focussing many Wednesday “early release day” sessions on professional development. This includes full faculty sessions as well as “strand” learning in which faculty choose between a variety of deep-dive multi-session learning series. Support is provided to training organized by our regional association, NESA. Programmatic needs such as AP, IB, and Readers and Writers training are funded annually along with communication and collaborative opportunities such as Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching. Finally, professional learning is provided to cohorts participating in emerging initiatives defined in our Futures Plan.

In keeping with our commitment to environmental responsibility, whenever possible, faculty avail of local in-person learning or high-quality online opportunities in lieu of traveling abroad. Further, job-embedded, multi-session learning is prioritized over isolated one-time events. This commitment applies to both programmatic and personal professional development.

Formalized professional learning offerings are augmented by instructional coaching, guided curriculum development and middle level leadership training offered by members of the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Programmatic Professional Learning for 2021/22

Consultants working with the full faculty

  • Homa Tavangar - Nurture Belonging & Deeper Learning: Recognize & Overcome the Challenges of Teaching for Global, Cultural & Racial Competence 
  • Jennifer Abrams - Stretching at Our Learning Edges

Strand Learning 

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Homa Tavangar
  • High Ability Learning and Differentiation with Anita Churchville
  • Making Thinking Visible with Mark Church
  • Understanding by Design with Mary Kelly Bello
  • Data and Differentiation with Elliot Fijman

Cohorts sent to NESA Programming for:

  • Networked Learning Series on Advancing the Work of Anti-Racism, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Social Justice in International Schools
  • Online Leadership Event
  • Educators Learning Event

Via our Portal Project

Global Conversations

  • What is sacred? Nurturing Adult Learning with Mary Kelly Bello, Walter Basnight, Elliot Fijman and Alex Ray
  • What is learning? A Conversation about the Kinds of Thinking that Serves Students Well with Mark Church
  • Are we literate? Exploring Global and Cultural Literacy with Marion Whisnant and Barbara Bowman
  • Who is unheard? Giving voice to LGBTQIA+ students with Tricia Friedman
  • Are we well? Stretching our Learning Edge to be Healthy for Self and Others with Jennifer Abrams

Global Book Club

  • Making Thinking Visible facilitated by Walter Basnight and Mary Kelly Bello
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