The year is 1994.

Lion King is the highest grossing film of the year, Brazil wins the FIFA World Cup, and South Africa holds its first multiracial election since Apartheid’s end.

Meanwhile in Madras, a group of parents from the international business and diplomatic communities discuss starting an after-school program for their children—an idea that would grow to become the American International School Madras.

Relive AISC’s remarkable 25-year journey—from a small schoolhouse to the world-class institution we are today. As Joanne Huskey, Cofounder and Vice Chair of the AIM Board of Directors in 1996 said, “AIM is now a reality that will continue to grow and develop into a fine institution that provides the means for children to become interesting people who will add to the sum of human knowledge and contribute to the world community."


EARLY 1995

Assisted by the U.S. Consul General, the search for a convenient, comfortable, and economical schoolhouse begins! Soon, the decision is made to rent space at the Russian Cultural Centre, Alwarpet.

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Mr. Nikolai Boutyrski (Consul General of the Russian Federation at the time) sought approval from the Russian foreign ministry, which was headed by Ms. Valentina Tereshkova—the first woman cosmonaut!
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To this day, the Russian Centre for Science and Culture (fondly known as RCC) hosts film festivals, concerts, and forums, and invites Russian, Indian, and global art-science icons to Chennai.


After a summer-long recruitment in the U.S. and here in Chennai, teachers are hired!

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Ms. Becky Thomas, our first kindergarten teaching assistant, recollects learning of her position only 10 days before the first day of school! She teaches Grade 5 today and is our longest-running community member.




Every member of the founding and early families did their part to start a school from the ground up. As Martha Keaveny, Parent Founder and First Board Chairperson, likes to say, “It takes a whole village to educate a child.”


The American International School Madras (AIM) at RCC opens with 18 students

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Bob Romano of the Office of Overseas Schools coined the name “AIM: American International School Madras.
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