Week Without Walls

As part of the Middle School curriculum, it is important for students to be given the opportunity to experience learning in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Week Without Walls (WWW) provides students with a cultural, personal, interpersonal and environmental experience not available within the regular classroom walls. During this week long experience out of school with their classmates and teachers, students learn, reflect, and grow as individuals. It is an expectation that all students participate in this program.

Aim of Week Without Walls
  • Participate in experiences to promote the development and reflection on the attributes in our Vision for a Learner.
  • Provide exposure to India in order to nurture a better understanding and appreciation of Indian culture.
  • Develop relationships with peers and build community within grade levels.
  • Promote personal independence and responsibility and to challenge students physically and mentally.
  • Promote respect for the environment through exposure to diverse ecosystems.

Students are involved in research pertaining to their Week Without Walls experience beforehand in their classes and complete further work during the week. It is an expectation that all students participate in this program. The school covers the cost of the trip.

Grade 6

The camp is a vast expanse of about 20 acres of land located in Panchgani, a hill station 100km south of Pune, which is well known for its natural scenic beauty. It is situated in a unique geographical area with a wide variety of flora and fauna, and the weather is pleasant all year round. The facilities have been recently renovated and there is plenty of space for both indoor and outdoor activities. Also, there are adventure points right at the property, as well as a farm with animals, an astronomical observatory, and hiking trails. The main focus of the trip is to help the students develop their confidence and foster strong relationships by means of team building activities. In addition, they will have the opportunity to interact with the local communities in the nearby villages.

Grade 7

The 7th Grade Week Without Walls program will take the students to an amazing gateway to nature and adventure - Dandeli, in the state of Karnataka. Students will build relationships and develop interpersonal skills through cooperative activities as well as group and individual challenges. We will also have a chance to experience a mix of wildlife, adventure and Night treks, visit Syntheri Rocks, raft on Kali river, explore Zorbing, Archery, Coracle ride and Natural Jacuzzi. Students will go on a safari to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which offers a glimpse of black panthers, Sambar deer, bison and Malabar giant squirrels and maybe even a giant iguana, king cobra, or a tiger in the dense forests.

Grade 8

Sajan and Dabhosa camps (operated by Nature Trails) are located 120 km northeast of Mumbai. At the first camp, students stay in tents on a 30-acre property which has with tree-top rooms, tiled huts, rooms and dormitories in a unique Maharashtra setting. Here students are trained in basic outdoor skills, such as orienteering, rappelling, trekking, valley crossing, and kayaking. Participation in these activities encourages students to develop their teaming and leadership capacities. The second camp is a 16 acre campsite that overlooks a 100 meter waterfall. Students take advantage of the kayaking, valley crossing, expeditionary challenges that the area provides. The focus of the experience is teamwork in the jungle which encompasses some physically challenging outdoor experiences. Week Without Walls also includes a community “build” experience in a nearby tribal village.

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