Middle School Students Activities

Middle School students have a wide variety of opportunities for involvement in a range of interests. There are some after school activities available, many clubs, performing arts as well as our ASIAC activities. ASIAC is the American Schools in India Activities Conference which we participate in along with a school in Mumbai and Delhi. Other activities like family board game nights, Week Without Walls, dances, pool parties, concerts, play and service or wellbeing days are also offered.

Co-Curricular Activities
  • Activities Committee
  • AMIS Honor Band
  • AMIS Honor Choir
  • Art Club
  • Assembly Committee
  • Blue Cross Service Project
  • ISTA (Theater)
  • D’Light Club
  • Math Counts
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • MS Theatre Production
  • Rock Band
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Voices Forum
  • World Scholar’s Cup

Students involved in AMIS Honor Band and Choir, ISTA, MUN, MathCounts and World Scholar’s Cup may have the opportunity to travel internationally.

ASIAC Activities
  • ASIAC Badminton
  • ASIAC Basketball
  • ASIAC Band and Choir
  • ASIAC Drama
  • ASIAC Soccer
  • ASIAC Table Tennis
  • ASIAC Tennis
  • ASIAC Swimming
  • SAISA Track and Field
  • ASIAC Volleyball

Students involved in ASIAC Activities may have an opportunity to travel to the American School of Bombay and the American Embassy School in Delhi

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