Student Wellbeing

Through counseling, English Language Support and Learning Support, the AISC High School endeavors to support all students’ needs.

High School Counseling Services

AISC provides a wide range of services in support of the social/emotional well-being of our students. Two full time counselors serve High School students to deliver a comprehensive counseling program via individual counseling and grade level counseling workshops. All 9th graders take a one semester Freshman Seminar course that supports the transition to High School. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors meet throughout the year to explore a range of topics from careers to academic planning to college readiness. The counselors are an available resource for social/emotional, academic and university counseling.

AISC also employs a full time School Psychologist that provides short term focused counseling, manages our student protection curriculum and interprets psycho-educational testing as needed.

High School Counseling Team

The AISC High School Counseling program supports the academic mission of AISC through a comprehensive and developmental approach to meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.

The High School Counseling Department at AISC brings a breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge to best support students throughout their high school years and through their transition to college. Please feel free to contact us throughout the year for assistance.

English Language Support

AISC High School accepts English Language Learners in the range of Developing through Expanding (as per proficiency WIDA descriptors) into grades 9 and 10 . Academic language development support is provided in both grades 9 and 10 to qualifying students. For some, this may include explicit academic language instruction in an additional course of English for Academic Purposes, or EAP, while others receive integrated in-class support from English Language Development specialists working in selected core content areas. All students must be independent of additional academic language support prior to IB, AP and elective program in grades 11 and 12.

Learning Support

A student may be referred to Learning Support Services either through documentation from their previous school or through a multi-tiered system of consultation, supports and interventions as a response to student need. The LSS Teacher works closely with School’s Counselors, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist, as well as the student’s Teachers and Administrators to best meet the student’s needs. At times, a full psycho-educational assessment may be required to help ascertain the best way to support the student. Students with mild to moderate disabilities can receive support services with an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that identifies academic needs, goals, and accommodations for the student. The ILP is agreed upon by a team of professionals as well as parents and is updated yearly for appropriateness.

Students with mild to moderate learning needs receive Learning Support Services as defined by their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). AISC High School offers a course called Learning to Learn which supports students in developing the necessary reading, study, organizational and academic skills required to meet with success in high school, as well as providing opportunities to apply such work in core courses. Students qualifying for learning support are able to take this course each year to support their academic development. Further, our Learning Support Specialist works closely with classroom teachers to put in place necessary accommodations and is available to co-teach courses or concepts as required.

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