Student Support Services

Through counseling, English Language Support and Learning Support, the AISC Elementary School endeavors to support all students’ needs.

Elementary School Counseling

The Counseling program supports the academic mission of AISC by promoting and enhancing the learning process for all students through an integration of academic, career, personal/social and global perspective development.

The Counseling team offers
  • Character education
  • Classroom guidance activities
  • Small group social skills building
  • Consulting services for parents, teachers and students
  • Crisis intervention
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Parent information sessions
  • Third Culture Kid awareness program
  • Transition support for students and families
  • Referral services
Counseling Services

AISC provides a wide range of services in support of the social/emotional wellbeing of our students. Two fulltime Elementary counselors work with individual students, small groups and in classrooms to deliver a comprehensive counseling programme which supports personal, social, emotional and academic needs. The counselors work in classes on relationships, social groups as well as child protection education for all of our students from Grade 1.

AISC also employs a full time School Psychologist that provides short term focused counseling, manages our student protection curriculum and interprets psycho-educational testing as needed.

Through counseling, learning support and English as an Additional Language instruction, AISC Elementary School endeavors to support all students’ needs.

English Language Support

AISC Elementary School accepts all levels of English Language Learners. Each Grade level has dedicated English as an Additional Language teachers who co-teach in the homeroom core subject areas to support English Language development for all. Students who are new to English are assessed with the WIDA MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) test, and are required to take part in a Jump-start program prior to joining a homeroom cohort full time. Students exit this programme with basic English phrases, vocabulary and conversation, as well as an understanding of how our literacy and other programmes at AISC work so they can enter an elementary classroom with greater confidence, understanding and ease.

Learning Support Service

Students with mild to moderate learning needs receive Learning Support Services as defined by their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Our Learning Support team consists of Learning Support teachers, a Speech and Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. Our Learning Support team works closely with classroom teachers to put in place necessary accommodations and also work one to one, in small groups, or in the homerooms with students as required.

EY – 12 Learning Support Services

At AISC, we strive to provide an appropriately inclusive learning environment for all students. We believes in the value of each student. We take to heart our school mission.

A student may be referred to Learning Support Services either through documentation from their previous school or through a multi-tiered system of consultation, supports and interventions as a response to student need. The LSS Teacher works closely with School’s Counselors, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist, as well as the student’s Teachers and Administrators to best meet the student’s needs. At times, a full psycho-educational assessment may be required to help ascertain the best way to support the student. Students with mild to moderate disabilities can receive support services with an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that identifies academic needs, goals, and accommodations for the student. The ILP is agreed upon by a team of professionals as well as parents and is updated yearly for appropriateness.

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