REP(Robotics, Engineering, and Physics)

Who We Are

REP is primarily about teaching Physcis to the students from nearby local schools. Our club focus on teaching basic concepts of Physics and how it relates to the everyday objects. To achieve this goal and encourage student engagement, we produce simple blueprints for daily objects, such as sea-saw, swing, and automobiles, and instruct the students to actually create the model. Then, we use the model to teach the concept associated with the specific model that students created. For example, model of a swing can be used to teach the concept of gravity.

The purpose:

The main purpose of REP is to provide the students from local schools with educational service. This education include physics and engineering.

We also try to provide a condition where all the students can actively engage in the activities so that they can not only understand the teaching materials better but also have more fun.


  1. Brainstorming and producing the blueprint of a model
  2. Instructing students to create the model and teaching Physics associated with it
  3. National Robotic Competition

Meeting Times:

Every Thursday in Blue weeks in Mr. Roger’s Design Technology Room