Photography and Journalism Club

Who We Are

We are a community of photographers/journalists that have a passion for writing and photography and hope to grow our skills through practice. We travel on discovery days to places around Chennai and we write about what we are passionate about, along with news or events that interest us. We have a website that we are working on in which all our content will be posted for the public to see.

Mission Statement:

  • Travel around Chennai to learn about the city through photography and writing
  • Have our members’ work up on our website for the public to view 
  • Work with other clubs for projects in the future
  • Do charity work in the future

The purpose :

Our club’s purpose is to teach those wanting to learn about photography and journalism and develop the skills of those who already have a passion for them. We hope to have our members learn a bit about the city in which we live, while also learning how to write about their passions and express them through camera work as well.


  1. Traveling around Chennai for a discovery day
  2. Potential overnight trips in Pondicherry and/or Mahabalipuram
  3. Potential Photography contests and article contests. 

Meeting Times:

Thursdays every other week in Ms. Lisa’s classroom from 3:45-4:30

Latest Events Photos 

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