Performing Arts Student Committee (PASC)

Who We Are

We are Performing Arts Studio Committee which hosts and progresses the performance every month. There is a performance every month on Monday. Every month, we encourage individuals to exhibit their hidden musical talents by providing performance opportunities at AISC by organizing monthly performances. Our monthly morning performances range from rap to pop to classic to dance and have been performed by students from grades 6 to 12. We advocate students to perform their talents every month and help them to perform.

The purpose:

The purpose of our club is to prepare and organize more students to give off their talents and talents. It’s also a goal to help students achieve things like their own goals by showing a lot of people what they have. Our club will help more students perform their skills as we move forward.


  1. Performance every month on Monday
  2. During Discovery Day, we offered practice time for any Performing Arts related activities.

Meeting Times:

No specific meeting times because we don’t really have to decide something special every week.