Math Matters

Who We Are

Math Matters is a club that primarily serves to educate students about math and its importance in our world today. We work with schools to teach students basic mathematical skills, such as multiplication, division and analyzing graphs. We not only create worksheets for students to work on, but also bring fun math games to make the experience more meaningful and enjoyable. 

Every year, Math Matters also organizes the Peepul Conference for high schoolers from several schools that come to AISC for a whole day to participate in workshops and listen to speakers talk about to our world, such as public health and gender equality.

The purpose:

Our primary purpose is to make sure that everybody involved, both our volunteers and the school children, learn and enjoy math and its importance in our world.


  1. Sessions with Hope School to teach (both in and out of school)
  2. Peepul Conference
  3. Final Quiz Tournament

Meeting Times:

Tuesdays after school (3:30 – 4:30) in Ms Kala’s room. (Blue group)