Blue Cross

Who We Are

Blue Cross focuses on helping animals in need. The Blue Cross Club works with the Blue Cross Non-Profit organization that works with animals in chennai. The Blue Cross club mainly focuses on helping the organization care for the dogs and cats. Blue cross cares about the wellbeing of animals and attempts to make it better.

Mission Statement:

To promote the wellbeing of the animals of Chennai, especially in the Blue Cross Shelter, by caring for the animals and promoting their adoption.

The purpose of the Blue Cross is to:

The purpose of Blue Cross is to promote the wellbeing of the animals of Chennai. Through shelter visits, our member directly interact with the animals to care for them. Additionally, we try to improve the quality of the shelter, through making it look nicer or purchasing better supplies. Finally, we raise awareness for the situation of the animals in Chennai to promote adoption and to make people more aware of the situation of animals in Chennai.


  • Blue Cross Shelter Visits
  • Bake Sales
  • Foster Program (In development)

Meeting Times:

Every other Monday (alternative to SAF weeks) during lunch (11:50-12:20) in the BBT/HOL.

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