Art Sustains

Who We Are

Art Sustains is a student-run service organization that works towards sustaining Tamil Nadu’s cultural and natural assets with an emphasis on the arts.

Club’s Mission :

Our primary goal is to support the sustainability of the arts in Tamil Nadu through educational programs, promoting international awareness, and by providing financial assistance for artists and art communities in the area.

Beyond supporting the arts, Art Sustains believes in the importance of preserving and celebrating all cultural and natural assets of Tamil Nadu.

The purpose of the Art Sustains is to:

  • Support local artists and art communities
  • Educate artists about health and safety
  • Provide educational outreach, including art instruction at local government schools/ orphanages and mural painting
  • Work towards keeping the funky in Chennai (i.e. signboard preservation and community art installations)
  • Work towards environmental preservation


    1. Mural Painting
    2. Signboard Family Portrait
    3. Educational Programme
    4. Fundraisers (pottery sales) for local artists

Meeting Times:

Tuesday after school, Mr. Ed’s studio