HS CIC Rules

CIC Rules

  • Food or drink (except water) are not permitted in the CIC at any time
  • Students are asked to keep their voices down. Since others may be using the CIC for studying and research, it is important that we respect their right to have a quiet place to work and study. If students are unable to keep their voices down they will be reminded to and if still unable to, they will be asked to leave.
  • Students and parents may check out up to Ten books or magazines at one time for a period of up to two weeks. Students and parents may renew an item for another two weeks if it has not been requested by another student.  Elementary students also may check out books that are appropriate for their reading/interest level. Teachers have no limit on the number of items to check out for classroom use. Reference books are not to be checked out.
  • Parents may look for and check out materials, however, we ask that parents do not use the CIC as a workspace. We invite parents to use the Madras Cafe or courtyard tables for such work.
  • Books that are being returned should be deposited in the book drop at the Circulation Desk or given to a member of staff. No materials may be removed from the media center unless a member of the center staff checks them out.
  • No one may check out media center materials in anyone else’s name. If a student lends checked-out materials to another student, the responsibility for the materials remains with the student in whose name the materials are checked out.