Frequently Asked Questions

1When can I use the library?
  • Elementary school students: You can use the library at recess and lunch by yourself or with a friend, during the school day if you come with your class, and before and after school if you come with a parent.
  • Middle school students: You can use the library before school, at break, at lunch, and after school.
  • Parents: You can freely use the library between 8:00-8:30 and 3:30-5:00. We ask between the school hours of 8:30-3:30 that you use the Madras Cafe. However, you may still come to quickly check out/return books if needed.
  • 2Can I eat or drink in the library?
    No. Please enjoy your food and drink outside the library. You can keep your food and water bottles outside the library on the window sills. There are also hooks outside the library on the ground floor in case you want ​ to keep your bag there.
    3How long can I keep a book?
    You can keep a book for two weeks. If you want to keep it longer, please bring it back and we can renew it for you.
    4How many books can I check out?
    This depends on your grade. Here is how many books you can have out on your account.
    • EY3, EY4, EY5 = 1 book
    • Grade 1 = 2 books
    • Grade 2 = 3 books
    • Grade 3 = 10 books
    • Grade 4 = 10 books
    • Grade 5 = 10 books
    • Middle School Students = 10 books
    • Parents = 10 books
    5What happens if I lose or damage a book?
    Please ask the library staff for a bill. Parents can pay the bill at the cashier's desk.