ES / MS CIC Staff

Ms. Barbara Bowman

Ms. Barbara Bowman (Ms. Babs) comes all the way from Florida in the southeastern United States. Her first language is English and she has lived in Japan, China, Vietnam, Perú, and now India! She has just moved to Chennai and begun working at AISC this year as the ES/MS CIC Librarian. Of course, reading is her favorite thing to do, but she also loves to travel, swim, sample dark chocolate, sing karaoke, and listen to Beyoncé. Her favorite children's book is The Velveteen Rabbit, but she also likes to read lots of different types of books, including memoirs and magical realism. Ms. Babs loves talking about books and putting the right one in the right child's hand at the right time. Her favorite color is grey, but she also really likes dark blue.

Ms. Teena Pennefather

Ms. Teena is a native Chennaite; she was born and raised here. Ms.Teena’s first language is English. She joined AISC in 2007, when she was a kindergarten teaching assistant before becoming our wonderful EY librarian. She teaches weekly classes for students from EY5 to grade 2. She loves to read and her favorite genre is realistic fiction. She loves connecting with students, which is one of the reasons she loves the library. She loves children and has two daughters of her own. In addition, she loves to bake and enjoys gardening. Her favorite color is peach.

Ms. Jyothi Unnikrishnan

Ms. Jyothi Unnikrishnan comes from the state of Kerala and was born in a city called Kottayam. Her first language is Malayalam. She has been at AISC since 2009 and is the person on our team who has worked the longest in our library. She enjoys working here because she gets to interact with lots of students and help them. She also likes supporting other teachers and colleagues. In her free time, she likes to do many things like listening to music, watching movies, doing sports, and reading. In particular, she likes the classics, such as Black Beauty, her favorite book. Her favorite color is mustard yellow.

Mr. Sarat Appigatla

Mr. Sarat Babu Appigatla was born in the city of Hasimara in West Bengal, which lies in in eastern India. His first language is Telugu. Mr. Sarat really loves yoga, listening to music, and traveling most all. Mr. Sarat has a sense of adventure - he likes learning new languages and exploring new places. In fact, he loves to read books about space and exploration. He started in our library in 2014. He’s one of our expert shelvers and also helps a lot with book displays. He believes libraries are important because we help everyone access information. His favorite color is blue.

Ms. Shemy Ann Susan Raj

Ms. Susan was born in Kottayam, Kerala and brought up in Chennai. She loves to do arts and crafts, such as upcycling old things into new pieces of art. She also loves painting, reading books, and listening to music. Her favorite genre is suspense and she also likes traveling and getting to know about new cultures. Her favorite colors are black and grey.

Mr. Siva Kumar

Mr. Siva Kumar was born in Chennai, right here in Tamil Nadu. His first language is Tamil. Mr. Siva is our amazing custodian and he works each day to keep the library neat and looking good. He also helps us move things. He really likes helping others and says that this is the one thing he loves about the library. He has been at AISC since 2010 and has worked at several places on campus. Two things he loves to do are reading books in Tamil and traveling. He wants to visit more temples of India. He loves reading magazines. His favorite color is red.