ES / MS Activities

Book Club

Students can take part in book clubs offered throughout the school year. These take place at lunch and are announced in advanced. In our book clubs, students choose the books they would like to read usually connected to a particular topic or genre that the group is reading. We then share our books with each other. It's a great way to discuss books and for students to find out about other exciting titles that they might like to read as well!


We have many fun games for students to play at lunch and recess. Some of these are partner games and some of them are for groups. Be it cards, checkers, or other interesting strategy games, these are a great way to interact with other students socially. Please see the library staff if you'd like to check out any games. Please note that games are for in-library-use only.

eBook Theater

Do you love to watch videos and also read? Then, do we have something special for you! Come see our eBook theater located on the upper level. This theater seats up to two people and lets you hear and see lots of great stories. In fact, there are over 1,500 to choose from! Picture books, nonfiction books, and books in other languages are part of this exciting collection!

Inquiry Stations

Visit our library each day at recess and lunch to find fun and engaging centers! These are designed to help you learn and enjoy working with reading, writing, and storytelling. Our centers rotate and change frequently, so please be sure to come again and again. Examples include: writing book reviews, telling stories with objects, making your own book, puppet making, holiday-inspired activities, and eBooks on our iPads.

Lego Wall

Visit our Lego wall on the first floor and design an exciting creation today. Write your name, create a picture, build an invention - it's up to you! Come see how other students are using their imaginations here too. Note that this activity is not suitable for children age 3 and under.

Weekly Questions

Each week we have a new question, fact, riddle, and word or quote to share with you. These are located at the library entrance on the upper level as well on the walkway windows between the EleMiddle and High School libraries. Increase your vocabulary, solve a riddle, and gain new knowledge about the world around you. It's fun to keep coming back and see what's new to discover.