CareerX Program

Our CareerX Program gives our high schoolers the chance to work alongside experts in a variety of immersive professional environments. These opportunities, designed in partnership with various leading companies in the city, allow our students to gain exposure, hone their skills, and make real contributions in work environments that support growth and development.

In the past, our students have benefited from immersive explorations in Sustainability, Photography, Healthcare, Fitness and Wellbeing and Social Entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the opportunities on offer this year, or if you would like to partner with us to offer hands-on professional experiences, please contact Ms. Gautami and Ms. Sherene.

Please note that CareerX opportunities occur during our fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks.

* All CareerX opportunities are currently virtual.




1What is CareerX?
CareerX (formerly known as the Career Practicum Program) places high school students in a professional work environment. The “X” can stand for explorations or experiences. We also think it provides this program with a catchy and cool name!
2Why should I consider a CareerX placement?
Work experience in a field you are interested in is a great way to get insights about a future career and understand the various options within a chosen field. The connections you make during your CareerX may even yield opportunities for you in the future. It is also a great way for you to use the knowledge and skills you have gained in your high school courses in a real-world context.
3When are CareerX placements available to me?
AISC places students during school holiday times. Currently, week-long placements are available during the fall and spring breaks. Longer placements are possible during the winter and summer breaks.
4Which adults will I work with during my CareerX?

You will have a primary contact both at AISC and at your workplace.

At AISC, Ms. Soyeon, Ms. Sherene, and/or Ms. Jodie will meet with you to discuss your interests and strengths and will help to set up a suitable placement. AISC uses its database of partner organizations for CareerX placements, and we are always adding to it. Students are placed based on interest and qualification.

At work, you will have a supervisor that you report to. This will be the person that assigns tasks to you and will make sure that you are given an orientation to the company, introduce you to other staff members, etc. If ever you have questions about your workplace or assignment expectations, this is the first person you should ask.

Please note, parents will not be communicating with CareerX partner supervisors. Any parent concerns should be directed to the AISC contact that has been assigned. One of the most valuable opportunities we are giving to students is teaching them how to navigate the workplace culture. The AISC primary contact is always available to help students navigate any issues that come up.

5What salary can I expect?
All AISC CareerX placements are unpaid
6What kinds of things do AISC students do during their CareerX placements?
This will vary from organization to organization. Ideally, a work assignment will provide a student with a variety of tasks to complete while still meeting the needs of the organization. Generally, there is a culminating deliverable that the student is responsible for. Here are some tasks that an intern might be asked to do:
  • Design posters, charts, graphs

  • Perform laboratory tests

  • Conduct surveys/studies

  • Develop slide/sound presentations

  • Conduct research

  • Work on a marketing plan for a product or service

7But what if I don’t know what I am interested in?
You are not alone! Many students are uncertain of their career interests. Get advice from the trusted adults around you such as your counselors, teachers, and parents. And remember, CareerX is an opportunity to discover whether a career path does hold interest. So view this as an opportunity to explore and learn!
8How can I make the most out of my CareerX placement?
Seek out experiences and connections with full-time staff members at the company. This is a great way to learn more about the organization and to make a good impression. Keep in mind that carrying out tasks with enthusiasm signals to an employer that you are invested in the experience and can be trusted with more responsibility.
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