Our Campus

AISC is home to over 80 teaching spaces for students ages 3-18. Starting in the summer of 2016, AISC began a 5-year Building Futures 2020 plan that looks to renovate the vast majority of our teaching spaces, with improved lighting, carpet, acoustics, and storage. This new space are flexible and filled with adjustable, easy to move furniture.

In the Classroom
In classrooms, AISC has many unique learning spaces that are specially designed. We have multiple maker spaces for all age groups. The Discovery Studio offers elementary students a chance to create and innovate, using mostly recycled materials. The Design Technology Lab for middle and high school students is filled with robotics, Computer-aided design stations, 3D printers, laser cutters, and many other high-end tools to allow students to create sophisticated solutions to their challenges. Of course, our Early Years classrooms are open and flexible with natural coloring and places to explore. We have a fully equipped fitness center that is used by all of the community, and during the day is a place where students work on their strength training and also houses a dance studio. This is just one of ten (indoor and outdoor) spaces used for teaching health, wellbeing and physical education. You'll also find amazing art spaces for students to find their inspiration and create. We also have several multi-purpose spaces that are designed to create open spaces for learning opportunities that may not be possible in the classroom.

Our learning spaces aren't only used during the school day. Our spaces are also used for our after school activities, sports, music and drama, and, for other extra-curricular activities.

Our goal for all of our learning spaces, is that they are well-resources, flexible, and provides an environment that inspires learning.

Around AISC
The AISC campus covers 13 acres and provides many spaces outside of our learning spaces. At the heart of our campus you'll find our newly re-designed track and soccer pitch, which is in constant use by our students. Next to the track, you'll find our 25-meter swimming pool that all physical education classes use throughout the year, and almost 150 swimmers compete in over the year. As Chennai has great weather all year round, we have outdoor spaces designed to sit and enjoy each other's company, as seen with the High School Commons and the Unity Courtyard. You'll find several places to relax inside and get something to eat as we have two cafés, one for students and one for adults, as well as two cafeterias for meals. We also have a large elementary school playground and Outdoor Learning Center for the younger grades. And what would a school be without a library? We have two libraries filled with over 60,000 resources available for our community! As AISC is more than just a school, its a community center, campus is a haven for students, parents and faculty.


AISC has taken up the challenge of being an eco-friendly school. We have a responsibility to model this core value and practice what we hope students will live as well. As a celebration of our efforts, we were awarded Platinum status by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), making us the first K-12 school in the world to achieve this status using the real-time ARC platform. Our Platinum status comes from our score on 5 categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Human Experience and Transportation. Our efforts towards energy can be seen with our commitment to renewable energy.


We currently have over 950 solar panels around campus that provide up to 22% of our daily power. We also try to reduce our energy use by installing motion sensor lights that turn off automatically. For water, we have a catchment that captures the rainfall, and we use that to water plants around campus, and we use it for toilet flushes. We also use a chemical free, German-engineered water treatment process. For waste, we recycle as much as possible. We have recycle bins around campus, but we also recycle materials that come from our campus renewal. The mounds in the Elementary school yard came from construction debris. We also reuse scrap wood from our carpentry shop. We are also using our organic waste in our community garden. Recently, we've been reducing our consumption of single-use plastic. We no longer use plastic straws or utensils. While we are proud of our environmental efforts, we are not done! We are always looking for ways that we as a campus can be more eco-friendly, and we hope that our efforts will inspire the generations to come.

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