Living In Chennai

India is a rapidly changing nation, and these changes create both opportunities and challenges for those who choose to live here. Chennai affords its residents a wide variety of cultural, outdoor, and culinary pursuits. As a city of 7 million, it is not a small town, however, its footprint over a large area of Tamil Nadu makes it seem less crowded and hectic than other Indian cities of comparable size. A reliable transportation infrastructures make owning and driving a car accessible to expats, however, traffic at certain times of the day can make travel into or out of the city a challenge.

The Tamil culture is an ancient one, with elements that remain unchanged from classical antiquity. To walk through a temple town today is much the same experience as it may have been over a thousand years ago. As these deep traditional roots grow into a modern global economy, things may or may not always work the way you expect them to, but AISC provides teachers with high levels of support both at work and at home.

Chennai is a safe, relatively unpolluted and clean Indian city with easy access to scenic beaches, rural towns, and wildlife parks on its outskirts. The new international airport offers reliable international travel to other areas of India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Surfing, trekking, diving, and wildlife excursions are common activities both near town and within India itself.

Overall, Chennai is a fascinating, diverse, and comfortable place to live and work for singles, couples, and families.