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 Opening Hours:

We are open every school day from 8:00 to 16:30 and Saturdays from 8:30-12:30 (except during holiday weekends and breaks). Please note the library closes one Thursday each month at 3:45 for a full-faculty meeting.

Checking-Out Books:

Pre-School and Kindergarten:  1 book
Grade 1 and Grade 2:  2 books
Grade 3:  3 books
Grade 4 and Grade 5: 4 books
MS Students: 6 books
Parents: 6 books

Overdue Books:

You can keep a book for two weeks.  After two weeks, a book is overdue and
you will need to return it to continue checking out additional books.

Lost or Damaged Books:

Please pay for any lost or damaged books or magazines (plus $2.00 for shipping).  Please see CIC staff for a bill, which you can then pay in the Finance Office.  

Can I use the CIC at recess or after school?

Yes.  Middle school students can come visit us at recess and after school.  If you are coming during class time, please bring a hall pass.

 MS CIC3CIC Virtual Learning Center

The CIC is a virtual learning environment.  You can access information 24/7 by visiting our virtual learning center:

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Here you will find great information on research, tech tools, and more!