Welcome to the AISC - Parent Community Association (PCA)!

We welcome your interest in the Parent Community Association (PCA) of the American International School Chennai.  We are a not-for-profit association of all parents and guardians of AISC students.

Our purpose is to nurture, support, and celebrate the AISC community and mission.  We hope to be a resource for families settling into AISC and Chennai, and to promote a spirit of community within our School family.  As our members hail from many countries, the PCA encourages activities to learn more about our host culture and the diverse cultures within our community.  Much of our programming is social, but we include some fundraising for the benefit of our students.

The PCA encourages participation in AISC activities.  Working closely with the Administration, we help coordinate volunteers to assist with cultural and sporting events, classroom activities, and student social and charitable projects.  We organise several events during the school year:  UN Day, Diwali Mela, the PCA ball, and Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation Days. A guide to parent-recommended goods and service providers, The Raptor Resources, is published regularly; net proceeds support PCA charitable donations.  AISC Connect, the magazine of the PCA, is distributed before summer holidays and summarizes the activities of the year.

We hold general meetings on the first Tuesday of most months. The PCA leadership team gives an update on current projects and activities, members of the School Administration present information, and there is time for questions and answers.

The PCA is led by an elected Executive Committee comprising a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Committee is supported by appointed representatives and sub-committees, which vary each year according to the needs of the Committee.  Positions may include country and grade representatives, event coordinators, new parent coordinators, sports and arts coordinators, and others.  Teacher representatives are appointed by the Principals of each School.

Elections are held annually in the month of May.  We appreciate volunteers throughout the year however!

To volunteer, or for more information please send email to the Executive Committee pca@aischennai.org