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High School Life

The co-curricular program at AISC is designed to provide a well-rounded education by encouraging students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, in a wide variety of after school and weekend activities. Student organizations, clubs and government provide opportunities for leadership, development of interests and promote the general welfare, morale and educational experiences of the student body as a whole. They shall be governed by their constitution or charter and with the advice of their appointed faculty advisor.

Since the program reflects the interests of the student body, new activities can be initiated by students and staff as long as the activities (1) are compatible to the Mission and Values of the school, (2) have sufficient student interest, (3) are affordable and can meet any facilities restrictions and (4) are sponsored by a faculty/staff member.

The Principal must approve the addition of any new activity. Student participation in any organization shall be voluntary and no student shall be forced to join any group. The School does not condone acts of hazing, or any other form of membership initiation that injures, frightens or degrades students or employees of the School. Students who are guilty of hazing other students shall face disciplinary action and may be suspended from school.

The co-curricular program can be organized into the following categories:

• Athletics

• Clubs and Honor Societies

• Community Service