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Elementary School Life

Life in the Elementary School at AISC is full of confidence, creativity, compassion, courage and FUN!

Students show confidence when they participate in a range of cultural activities, from celebrating India as well as their home country in at International Day and in the Parade of Nations. They also show confidence during their musical and theatrical performances, when Missoula Children’s Theater comes and 100 students from Early Years 5 to Grade 5 create a production in one week!

Students also show their creativity as they show their artwork and creations. Students create in order to solve problems when they visit the ES Discovery Studio. Each grade level works to create solutions related to their science units. When Grade 1 studies sound, students create shoes to be quiet and loud and measure the sound waves. When Grade 4 studies natural disasters, students create structures to withstand natural phenomenon.

Students experience compassion by learning about the world around them. Parents and students are invited to create together on Design Saturdays. Grade 5 students also take part in the NESA Virtual Science Fair, which has students from around the Near East South Asian region competing for the best science fair project. Grade 1 scours the beach and gathers trash, washes it and makes it into art in order to raise awareness about the level of trash and its harmful impact on turtles.
Grade 2 visits and works with a local orphanage, and together the students create experiences that are then offered at a Mela. The proceeds from this Bazaar go to buy art supplies for the orphanage. In Grade 3 students visit the Pallikaranai Marsh and then create advertising to help reduce waste so that it didn’t end up in the marsh. In Grade 5 students are connected with an AISC support staff member, and they interview them and together learn more about each other and each others lives.

Students show their courage by taking on new activities and experiences through our wonderful After School Activities program. Students can learn Tae Kwon Do, Guitar and Swimming, and these are just a few of the dozens of activities offered. Students also have day long field trips that support the learning in their classroom, and new to the 2017-2018 school year, Grade 5 will have an overnight Classroom Without Walls trip to Pondicherry, an experience that will provide students the opportunity to show their confidence, creativity, compassion and courage.