Pool & Aquatics

Welcome to the Pool!!! As Aquatics Director, my goal is to provide programs that will teach children to be safe in, on and around aquatic environments. The American Academy of Pediatrics states, “Children need to learn how to swim. Because children develop at different rates, not all children will be ready to learn to swim at exactly the same age”.  This statement is so true. For this reason,  we have adopted the American Red Cross Learn to Swim curriculum, which distributes skill development through 6 levels so participants can achieve success at regular intervals. The program also integrates water safety and drowning prevention in each lesson.

Swimming is an integral part of the PE curriculum, beginning with the EY3 program through grade 8.  High School students have the opportunity to learn swimming and water safety as part of select PE electives. All students, grades K-12,  have the opportunity to participate in a variety of swim programs which range from American Red Cross lessons in PE classes and After School Activities to competitive swimming (SAISA/ASIAC/Raptors Swim Club), along with aquatic games and adventure activities in MS/HS physical education classes.  It is my hope that swimmers at AISC will exit with improved water confidence, safety skills and swimming skills.


Aquatics Mission Statement

Being safe in the water and learning to swim are essential skills.  The Aquatics Program at AISC empowers students to learn, compete and play safely in aquatic environments by providing structured, diverse and developmentally appropriate programs for every student. 

The AISC Aquatics Program seeks to: 

      instill self-confidence

      extend opportunities for students to challenge themselves

      develop leadership skills

      encourage the incorporation of swimming as a healthy recreational activity

      offer swimming opportunities to the larger community

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I hope that you found this information to be helpful.  If you have any questions  regarding our Aquatics Programs at AISC, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Donna L. Fava

Aquatics Director