Welcome to the After School Enrichment Program

(After School Activities)

The After School Activities program provides learning engagements to encourage children of all ages to explore ideas to be creative, build confidence, and play with others.

Aims of ASA in AISC

  • To develop inter/intra personal skills.
  • Ignite thought process.
  • Constructive attitude/positive approach.
  • Improve psychomotor skills.
  • Kinesthetic skills.
  • A holistic development

About After School / Extracurricular Activities

  • Here at AISC we strongly believe that leisure, recreation, games and sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are essential things to rejuvenate the energy of the students and therefore provides opportunity to express their skills, talents and creativity.
  • To make this year more exciting and productive, we offer multiple choice of activities, to enhance student’s skills.
  • After School Activities Program (ASA) runs on a trimester pattern throughout the year.
  • Parents may refer to the handbook which is linked to the side to get an overview of the activities for 2017-18.

Ryan McFarland
Athletic and Activities Director