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Strategic Plan, 2013-2018

The Strategic Plan is a shared vision of the future for the American International School Chennai. Created by more than seventy AISC community members during the 2012-2013 school year, the plan drives school improvement efforts at the highest levels. Since then, the Board of Directors, the community-based Strategic Planning Team, and the Leadership Teams at the school have been turning aspirations into reality through meaningful and effective implementation and innovation.

Our statement on internationalism was written by a community team in response to our CIS re-accreditation process as a framework for practicing international-mindedness at AISC. Our Vision for the AISC Learner was written in 2015-2016 to synthesize and clarify what living our Mission looks like across the school.

I. Mission Statement

 Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.

II. Our Core Values

 Responsibility       |      Excellence      |       Integrity       |       Respect       |      Diversity        

We believe that…

  • Each person has equal intrinsic value, worthy of dignity and respect.
  • We are responsible for our choices and their effect on ourselves, others and the environment.
  • Being open to new ideas and challenging experiences enriches our lives.
  • Mutual respect, trust and caring foster healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Embracing our diversity makes us a stronger community.
  • In an interconnected world, our positive contributions to the community and the environment are essential.
  • Individuals thrive in a nurturing environment that provides for their physical and emotional safety.

III. Our Student Learning Objectives

 By 2018, all students will:

  • Explore new interests with curiosity and be resilient in pursuing their passions. 
  • Evaluate real world situations, identify problems and design innovative solutions.
  • Choose to actively serve their local and global communities.

IV. Strategic Objectives


We will align expected outcomes, assessment, teaching, learning and reflection on practice in order to support our mission and student learning objectives.


The school will hire, develop and retain staff members who embody the school mission and core values.


We will actively communicate, support, and contribute to our core values, mission and student learning objectives so that our community lives the shared vision.


We will strategically use all possible resources* to create a learning community aligned with our core values and mission.


As implement our Strategic Plan, we will not…

  • Engage in new programs or practices without allocating the time, money and resources necessary for success.
  • Implement any new programs or practices that do not support our mission, student learning objectives or values.

V. Internationalism at AISC

 At AISC, we define international-mindedness as:

  • Possessing a strong sense of one’s own cultural identity;
  • Respecting and valuing the differences of others;
  • Learning about local, national, and global issues;
  • Showing empathy for others and care for the world around us. 

Therefore, as an international school, we are committed to:

  • Incorporating other perspectives;
  • Seeking common learning experiences with all peoples;
  • Finding enriching connections between cultures;
  • Using exposure to language, history, and the arts to access diverse cultures;
  • Working well with all;
  • Contributing through service;
  • Reflecting about our thoughts and actions.

VI. Vision for an AISC Learner

At AISC, successful learners are…


We show courage by taking action and inspiring others to serve and contribute positively to our interconnected world.  Leaders develop a vision, plan appropriately, and work collaboratively to achieve results.


We develop a deeper understanding by listening carefully to others’ perspectives and confidently articulating personal viewpoints in the pursuit of common goals.


We approach uncertainty with confidence, designing novel solutions in the face of challenges or change. Innovators are creative, resourceful, open-minded and resilient, seeking new perspectives through inquiry, trial, error and feedback.


We investigate new interests with curiosity, inquiring with purpose, and seeking deeper understanding and fulfillment through our independent pursuits.

We use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems. We exercise initiative in making reasoned, ethical, data-informed decisions.


We show responsibility for our choices and consider their effects on ourselves, others, and the environment. We act on our principles and ideals because we value the dignity of others.


We adapt to changing circumstances, balancing our commitments and showing courage as we take on new challenges. We seek new opportunities for learning, growth, and renewal.


We appreciate our own cultures and personal histories while respecting the values and traditions of others, believing each person has equal intrinsic value. We are sensitive to the needs of others and show compassion by making positive contributions to our local and global communities and the environment.


We demonstrate on-going commitment to our endeavors by learning from our successes and failures in the positive pursuit of our objectives, goals, aspirations, and dreams. We practice patience and persistence in all situations, especially when they are challenging or uncomfortable. 


We pause to think about our goals, learning, and growth in order to develop and sustain our creativity and lifelong learning. We review and examine our own ideas and experiences in relation to the world and consider our interdependence and impact on others.

VII. End Results – Implementation Goals


We will align expected outcomes, assessment, teaching, learning and reflection on practice in order to support our mission and student learning objectives.


1. AISC empowers teachers and students with innovative practices, in a dynamic, technology-rich environment, in order to inspire action in the classroom and beyond.

Inclusive School Culture

2. AISC has a common understanding of inclusion and has identified research-based strategies that support teachers in differentiating instruction for all students.

3. AISC  uses differentiated instructional strategies and structures to help all learners reach his/her potential.

4. AISC embraces and fosters an inclusive culture where differentiated instruction allows each student to achieve his/her potential. 

Service Learning

5. AISC has identified a philosophy and designed a service learning structure that empowers students to serve their local and global communities.

6. AISC has a strong service learning structure where students are engaged and immersed in service opportunities building authentic local connections and greater global  understanding.

7. AISC has established a culture of service where students are intrinsically motivated to transfer their academic knowledge allowing them to create experiences that improve the lives of  of others. 

Inquiry-based Learning

8.AISC has a common understanding of inquiry and has provided the necessary opportunities to develop teacher expertise in inquiry-based instruction.

9.AISC has inquiry-based strategies that are integrated into instructional practice in order to foster a sense of curiosity and inspire action in the classroom and beyond.  


The school will hire, develop and retain staff members who embody the school mission and core values.


1. AISC recruits and hires exceptional staff members who embody the school mission and core values.

Engaged Staff Members

2. The culture at AISC is dynamic, open, positive, and engaging, where staff members take an active role in leading and embodying our school’s  mission. 

Professional Excellence

3All AISC staff members develop, enhance, and maintain a standard of professional excellence connected to our mission and core


We will actively communicate, support, and contribute to our core values, mission and student learning objectives so that our community lives the shared vision. 


1. AISC uses ongoing communication methods that engage and are responsive to our diverse community and alumni.


2. Our school community actively works to build professional and personal relationships that support the mission, core values, and student learning objectives.  

Mission Supportive

3. All staff members understand and support the mission, core values, and learning objectives and use them as criteria when making decisions.

Cohesive Community

4.The school engages parents to develop a cohesive community, and support its mission, core values, and student learning objectives.

5.Students Engaged. Students understand and support the mission and core values, and are striving to achieve the student learning objectives.


We will strategically use all possible resources to create a learning community aligned with our core values and mission.

Resource Management Systems

1. AISC has a centralized system to manage and facilitate the usage of available resources within the school community to achieve our mission.

Collaborative Partnerships

2. AISC has established programs of collaborative partnerships with organizations that support our core values and mission.

    Person Responsible: Director of Teaching and Learning

Mission-Centered Prioritizing

3. AISC allocates funds and resources in a systematic manner that supports the current and future learning needs of students and staff in line with the mission.


As we implement our Strategic Plan, we will seek to understand, measure, and learn from our progress as community committed to learning and to our students.

Shared Understanding of Progress

1. All staff, students and parents understand the student learning objectives, rubrics and processes for assessing student achievement relative to student learning objectives.

Measurement Systems

2. A process for collecting evidence and assessing student achievement, using the rubrics, is initiated at key grades/sections.

Measurement Tools

3. Rubrics appropriate to all grades/sections have been developed